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Hello,I have a problem with the book web development with clojure, in the page 148, when I excute (register! {} {:id "foo"}.....), I found a error with mount,it tell me ` :cause db-spec mount.core.DerefableState@222a0e98 is missing a required parameter `


although I running (mount.core/start #'wamp-authenticator.config/env #'wamp-authenticator.db.core/db), then I run (register!), but I have a NullpointerException


I was confused about it, how can I keep the mount/start and make register! function successfully running


I've just started my first serious luminusweb app, and I was just wondering: is there a better way to get the server to pick up changes to my HugSQL queries (in sql/foo.sql) other than by shutting down the server and re-launching it? I tried user/restart but that doesn't seem to pick up the changes.