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@yogthos: what about other libraries similar to re-frame? I can name keechma and carry at least, but I'm sure there are more


I guess let’s see how re-frame goes first and go from there 🙂


I do want to keep it somewhat focused just because it’s aimed at beginners, so too many options might get confusing


yeah, that's a valid point. My only concern is that it ends up in a loop that feeds itself - Luminus chooses tech A because it is the most popular, and tech A is the most popular because it's used by Luminus


if tech A is in fact inferior, it can take a while for the community to realise that. I'm not saying re-frame is inferior though 🙂


just that people, especially beginners, certainly respect Luminus' opinion on the preferred stack


Ultimately, its mostly informed by what I end up using myself at work. For example, since I use Reagent, it’s easy for me to keep Luminus up to date with its development. That said, I do think re-frame is a logical addition on top of Reagent, and that’s something we did start using at work recently as well, making it easier for me to maintain.


I also think of Luminus as a starting point, once people get comfortable with the Clojure web stack they can hopefully start exploring alternatives on their own from there.


@yogthos: Any interest in a profile specific for MS Sql Server? I need to use it at work so I'll be doing the work for it anyway and can throw a PR your way.


yeah definitely, I’d use the [jtds]( driver for the profile since it’s available in the maven repo


Oh yeah, I've been using it for other projects and I've never run into any problems.