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@yogthos: For CLJS support in Luminus, have you got any desire to support a wider range of options beyond what's there right now? I think there could be some value in adding more cljs specific profiles to Luminus but I'm not sure whether it's worth the added overhead to support them.


The maintenance has been the main concern for me


if it’s just an extension on the current stack I don’t think it would be problematic


for example, it might make sense to add +reframe


and it could be possible to refactor +cljs to only add cljs support without reagent and create +reagent, +re-frame profiles explicitly


Am I right in assuming that you want to keep everything reagent? If so, I think there could be a reasonable size of options (+re-frame, +devcards, etc.) that could cover most of the reagent space without crazy extra maintenance.


Alternatively, adding a basic +rum or +om might be reasonable but would probably mean it would be too much to go into depth on any of them.


I'm up for doing some work towards either of those directions depending on where you want to take the cljs profiles over time.


Yeah I'd definitely like to stick with reagent for the time being, and re-frame/devcards sounds good to me if you'd like to take a look


Ok great, I'll see what I can get working towards that side of things.