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Can I ask one more weird question here? When working from the luminus template with +cljs, there's some weird kind of routing magic that I don't understand. Suppose I create a new route in pure clojurescript with secretary and reagent, and don't create a corresponding route in the server-side. When I go to that URL in the browser, somehow it seems to get routed to the template home page before the compiled cljs kicks in and displays the correct page. But the route is never actually defined on the server-side anywhere I can find. So how does it know to load up the default home page, and then call the clojurescript bit via app.js on that template, without a server-side route defined? Shouldn't it just throw a 404 or something? Is there a "default html template" buried somewhere in this code that I can't find?


Oh, wait, never mind. I see. The "#" prefix that secretary is appending to all of its routes just loads the root url first, and then plays with the front end from there.