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i’m trying to add a result processor for yesql (and luminus) like this:

(db/get-tenant {:tenantid tenantid} {:result-set-fn first})
I’m getting the following error when i execute the query: IllegalArgumentException db-spec {:result-set-fn #object[clojure.core$first__4339 0x7eee991b "clojure.core$first__4339@7eee991b"]} is missing a required parameter (jdbc.clj:292) The query works just fine without the processor. Anybody can point my on the right direction?


Found my problem. In case somebody finds it useful it turns out that conman (used by luminus) adds a wrapper to yesql. this is how i am using

(db/get-tenant {:tenantid tenantid} @db/*db* {:result-set-fn first})