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are there recent benchmarks for luminus? I was in the impression in 2013 that it was a very slow framework.


clojure actually performs pretty poorly there it seems


yeah, I looked at that originally and was pretty surprised.


for example here, compojure is amazingly fast.


but luminus is still far, far behind.


yikes, even with the plaintext test luminus (and clojure frameworks in general) give very poor results. Kinda makes me think there may be something wrong with their setup


The weird thing is, I thought luminus was basically just compojure plus some helper libraries. So I’m not sure where it could be going so wrong.


i noticed it was going to be the focus of Web Development in Clojure second edition, so I decided to investigate it a bit


yeah, good call. I wonder if maybe a poorly performing piece of middleware could be dragging it down.


welp, here’s the code they’re using to test the various clojure frameworks:


we can dig in and see if anything is being done wrong


first thing that jumps out at me is the dependencies being a bit old


uActually, if you compare the results from Round 11 and Round 10, luminus did much better in Round 10 than 11. I think something has gone wrong in the most recent round of tests, either that or the methodology changed. EDIT: I want to point out that luminus/compojure is still between 4x and 10x more performant than the usual suspects amongst Python/Ruby/Etc web frameworks. It’s not the fastest stack in the world, but it’s certainly the fastest one I’d want to use simple_smile