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Is there a way to get the lsp-ui buffer stuff, but in a dedicated buffer like *Flycheck errors*? I'm finding that useful and I'd quite like to have an eldoc or clojure-lsp like thing for that


Hum, I think it would need lsp-ui changes, you can open a issue on lsp-ui I think


thx! just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something that was already there


ah, looks like I can get what I want with lsp-treemacs-errors-list


yeah, those are not lsp-ui related, I thought you mean code-actions and other lsp-ui stuff


clojure-lsp Released clojure-lsp 2022.05.23-13.18.11 focusing on improving existing features and fixing some bugs • General ◦ Allow specify how many classes clojure-lsp should check before moving sorted package imported classes to next line. ◦ Allow :linters to be configured by LSP clients passing string keys/values. ◦ Support clj-kondo :config-in-ns and :ns-groups for clojure-lsp/unused-public-var linter. ◦ Improve clean-ns correct positioning of multiple refers. • Editor ◦ Fix powershell.exe command execution error on Windows ◦ Fix drag in are when clojure.test is aliased. ◦ Reduce time to calculate semantic tokens, reducing CPU usage in large files. ◦ Fix JDK global cache load when jdk source were already analyzed on previous sessions, fixing finding definition of jdk classes not working sometimes. ◦ Fix command move-form not working. ◦ Fix find definition of macros required by :require-macros on cljs files. ◦ Add support to completion keywords found on function definition :keys destructuring, improving completion on api calls. ◦ Avoid duplicate parens when inserting snippets during completion. • CLI/API ◦ Make all cli features open files faster, improving speed of all CLI/API features. Fixes The most notable changes are: Fix Java global cache, java navigation was only working on first time and not after cached. Huge performance improvement on semantic tokens for big files, this should considerably reduce flickering We now have completion of function arguments checking available :keys on function definition:rocket: Improve performance of clean-ns/format on API/CLI. Thank you for everyone who contributed to the release with Issues, PRs and feedbacks!

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Is there any github action that installs clojure-lsp on the github runner?


Another question, when I format in my machine it makes the java imports looks different from the pipeline, what I'm doing wrong


both are using the same version 2022.05.23-13.18.11


my local .lsp/config.edn


Ah forget, I was using a different version of clj in both machines


with both using the same version is working as expected