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clojure-lsp does not seem to do any caching when stub generation is enabled, right?


but it seems that as a workaround I can first use :generation to generate the stubs and then disable auto generation and use :extra-dirs to include the previously autogenerated stubs.


yes, that could work, but as a workaround indeed


Does the stub generation is taking too long or you? it's done async after startup so it should not affect that much


It did not feel very async, as the LSP startup was stuck on "analyzing stubs" for a long time (most likely that 76 seconds you can see in the logs), before finishing the initialization. (now that I look closer at the log, I can see that the stub generation and "refreshing clojuredocs" seem to happen concurrently) During that time my cpu usage was very low, which seems odd.


I'm using lsp-mode , Emacs 29.0.50, gnu/linux, clojure-lsp 2022.02.23-12.12.12 + clj-kondo 2022.02.09.


@U0178V2SLAY you are correct, for some reason I didn't make the stub generation async, I'll double check if it was on purpose or we can change it to be async


No worries, it’s easy to work around :)


I took a look and it seems it could be async, which may be better for a faster startup indeed, I'll change it for next release, thanks for the report

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Perhaps another nice-to-have feature to consider is if lsp could eg. hash the source class files and (re)create the stubs only if the cached hashes differ. But this is most likely a very low priority thing.


yes, this is something I'd like to add in the future, a hash per file, it would help a lot avoid analyzing same files