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clojure-lsp Amazing news everyone, clojure-lsp was selected one more time for ClojuristTogether funding 🎉 Thank you for everyone who supported and contributed to the project somehow! Really excited to bring more improvements to the project 🚀;s=19

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@ericdallo Congrats. Looking forward to work more on making the clj-kondo+lsp combo more awesome ;)


Thank you! I'm sure both fundings will result in awesome results!

Lukas Domagala14:02:50

My first feature request for that funding 😉 #(something %1) <-> (fn [x1] (something x1)) refactor 🙂 I’ve got to do this way to often


I think there is a issue about that, someone asked this recently, let me check


No issue, please feel free to open it, it sounds like a nice addition :)

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@domagala.lukas And if you enable :redundant-fn-wrapper in your clj-kondo, it will tell you that (fn [x1] (something x1)) is a redundant fn wrapper :)

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Lukas Domagala15:02:35

just wanted an easy example, it does have more stuff in there usually 🙂 I probably should extract it more often, but I still have stuff like #(string? (second %)) scattered around the codebase and those need to become (fn [x] {:exits (string? (second x))}) sometimes.


I suspected that ;)

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