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Lukas Domagala01:01:20

clojure-lsp breaks when you open the clojure-lsp repo in calva 🙂 turns out having a settings.json:

  "calva.clojureLspPath": "./clojure-lsp"
before you make for the first time doesn’t work. I think it’s fine to have it like this, because anyone working on lsp with calva should probably call follow @pez guide, but we should mention the explosion. It took me a few minutes to figure out what was wrong. Or does anyone have a better idea of how to “fix” this situation?


yes, IMO calva should print better error message when clojureLspPath is not found

Lukas Domagala13:01:20

So changing lsp from calva has a few annoyances, mostly on the calva side. I’ll create a ticket later. the one thing that’s kind of on LSPs side is the output. is there anyway to see the output of println? or do you just use log/debug for everything? I guess I should just connect portal to it for debugging/exploration


I just use log/* indeed and was never a issue to me


we can't println since it'll print to the LSP stdin/out proccess

Lukas Domagala14:01:15

yeah, i was hoping we could force that into the repl output, but I should just stop being lazy and embrace the logging + connect portal if it’s to much logging. thank you for the help

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