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Asko Nōmm03:11:41

Hey everybody! Lately been experimenting with Vim (using coc) and while go-to-definitions work fine for .clj files, for some reason when I’m working on ClojureScript, I get an error:

definition provider not found for current buffer, your language server
 doesn't support it.
I tried googling to the best of my abilty, but couldn’t figure out where the difference comes from. My coc-settings.json is:
    "languageserver": {
      "clojurelsp": {
        "command": "/Users/asko/clojure-lsp",
        "filetypes": [".clj", ".cljs", ".cljc", "clojure", "clojurescript"],
        "additionalSchemes": ["jar", "zipfile"],
        "trace.server": "verbose",
        "initializationOptions": {}
Perhaps my configuration is a bit off?


I'm no vim user but we can confirm what server is return to client, you need to get the client<->server json log

Noah Bogart13:11:58

I wrote a simple CoC plugin for Clojure too: