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clojure-lsp Released with mostly improvements on clean-ns and other fixes 🎉 • General ◦ Fix classpath scan when classpath has other things like new lines or warning message besides the classpath. Fixes ◦ Improve `clean-ns` to remove empty reader conditionals(`#?(:clj)` or `#?@(:clj [])` on ns form) after cleaning requires/imports. ◦ Fix `clean-ns` false-positives removals to cljc files when the alias/refer/import is being used inside a reader conditional. ◦ Add new setting `:linters :clj-kondo :ns-exclude-regex` which allows exclude diagnostics/findings for namespaces matching that regex. ◦ Fix merge of configs resolved for projects with multiple configurations in parent folders and subprojects. • Docs ◦ Improved the settings docs with a new link to a file with

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