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has anyone seen a detailed guide on how spacemacs works with lsp-mode and clojure-lsp, i'm pretty wedded to evil style so I'd like run spacemacs config if possible, but what I have running now is way too in my face wrt popups. I saw "Please note that Emacs configuration frameworks such as Spacemacs or Doom Emacs often ship with lsp-mode settings of their own; should you be using such a framework, and find that lsp-mode doesn't behave as intended, please make sure to follow this tutorial from a clean starting point." on . I must be needy but I don't know how you get spacemacs back to a clean starting point wrt lsp-mode even if I wanted to take that route.


I have been evolving a guide on using LSP with Spacemacs, which is quite minimal in terms of UI


I'd suggest that guide as a starting point ☝️ then you can decide what to enable and what to not enable following this:


Thanks @U05254DQM I'll look at that. Thanks @UKFSJSM38 that also looks like its going to help a lot to find my way around.