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Started #solo-full-stack yesterday. Many of Life’s pressures stem from trying to do this solo. It’s a long row to hoe.


Life’s mandate needs an articulation. My was a backgrounder. Here’s an attempt… Life’s Mandate At core, Life is an assistive technology. If it is doing its job, it is a facilitator of human relationships. Its artificial intelligence is strictly in service of real intelligence, particularly around human development. I have no interest in it being anything more. Yes, it will evolve into a product that will be marketed alone. Yes, it will be resold. I believe it will have great impact. And, while I’m involved in its growth and development, those configurations will be in service of the facilitation mandate. Life is about human beings. It’s about their growth, development, and ability to work together — their ability to help themselves and one another. I don’t really care about anything else. Many other things matter to many other people. Thank the gods. I have my part to play. I’m a popcorn-popping, edge-of-my-seat, can’t-get-enough human development wonk. Life is a tool designed to support this odyssey, an adventure that will end only with my last breath. As a system, Life has to come up and stay up. It needs to be in production and stay in production. Relationships wait for no one. Wealth Transitions as a practice is a person-to-person model. I have to get to that face-to-face work. I need Life as a tool in my belt, one upon which I can rely and reach for over and over again. I will pay the price for the tool I need. It can only gain a patina from use. Life is being developed in Clojure/Script/Datomic because of the community, culture, and ethos. The tech is a product of that ethos. I’m building Life here because this is where the people that build Clojure and Datomic are. of decades of thoughtful battlefield experience distilled into a The fluid elegance of mind and tooling are what I want, need, and am willing to pay for, whatever that means. Life shares those roots, even if the lay of my battlefield is a little different. So, I’m building Life to help me be a developer of people — if there is such a thing. I will never be a good developer of code. My technical skills and abilities will never hold a candle to those most around here posses. I am daily in awe of their capacities. They are marvelous to behold. Technically, I am at best a scripting hack. Life will come online in spite of my abilities — and it will come online. We make do with what we have. I’m grateful to be here. Onward.