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I’m coming to the Clojure community to get a solid, long-term, commercial system built as fast as I possibly can. That’s the only reason — even if attempting to do so isn’t reasonable. My spells out the situation. Up until a day or so ago, I thought I had found a community in which I could do what needs to be done more effectively than anywhere else I’ve encountered. Please bear with me. I’m just trying to honor the responsibilities that are upon me. I’m as new as new can be and have my world on my shoulders. I don’t have time to judge or find fault. I’m trying to be responsible… I find myself having a moment here. • • Michiel Borkent (@borkdude) asking for to present at the Strange Loop • Dustin Getz given Nubank’s priorities • • There’s 3154 subscribers to the Zulip/clojure stream. There are 5 people active, 6 inactive, and 96 visible users. There are 25,699 subscribers to the Slack #clojure channel. (checked these stats at 20230901T150447.452-0500) • Rich’s that couldn’t possibly have been just a momentary low. I have questions bubbling to the surface. • Is Clojure what a lunchpail, get-it-done, lean-into-the-storm cadre of talented technologist did until the main guy got his head beat in, got tired, and just wanted out? • Is (next Rich) going to be what Deno is to Node? (I doubt it) Who’s stepping into his shoes? • In that vein, where’s the leadership? I’m not being rhetorical. I’m not saying there isn’t any, I just don’t know where the bully pulpit is. I’m just asking. I’m new. • Where do I go if here isn’t…here? Python? • Do we have to buy Clojure/Script/Datomic from Nubank? (I know I don’t know what I’m saying. I’m just asking.) Enthusiastically, I can help and support a community that can help and support me. More, I love the experience of pulling together. I know what I do and say makes a difference just like I know what you do and say makes a difference. We are all there is. Community is co-emergent. Look, you guys forget on a weekend what I know about the OSS world. I know there are no guarantees. I heard Rich when he said do something. I want to do something. Help me understand what I can do. I want to be here, functionally. I would deeply appreciate your helpful thoughts. edit: the “loyalty” image isn’t/wasn’t about me. I was referring to what the Clojure team has to endure.


My asking evidence wasn't because I had lack of evidence, I just wanted more evidence from other people than myself, I'm giving a presentation soon and I didn't want to leave out anything important. Clojure is alive and well, don't worry about it.


"Rich leaving": Rich isn't leaving, he is dedicated to Clojure, while he now retired, which means he can even spend more time on it.


I think many of these questions are better answered by @alexmiller though


Thank you so much for troubling to respond. Very much.


All of your responses.


Oh. Wow. I tripped the spotlight. Hi Alex.😬 Stupid, rookie, inexperienced, naive, scared-to-death question: If I have the guts and persistence to take what all this is right now, relying on the promises I think Clojure/Script/Datomic are right now, expecting nothing more, willing to support this community heart, mind, and soul, do you think you guys will be here so I can ask when I get lost building what I need to build?


I specifically meant your reference to "Rich leaving" / leadership / buying Clojure, etc. See above. Not really questions but anxiety about the stability and sustainability of Clojure I guess


At this point in my deal, they are one and the same. Foolish or otherwise, I’m betting it all.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)21:09:02

People have been here in this slack helping people for a long time, don’t think that’s going to stop


About potentially losing Slack PRO account: this is not related to Clojure's success but just to Slack's policy of giving things for free or not. Other communities are in a similar boat, GraalVM's slack has lost history because they are on the free tier again

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)21:09:46

Re Rich, he didn’t leave Clojure, he retired from Nubank. I talk to him every day about Clojure. We have expanded the Clojure team at Nubank and we continue to work full time (ish) on Clojure. Ions are not dead Datomic cloud is not dead. Datomic is now free so more people can use it and it seems like more people are ( but that’s just my impression from watching Clojure spaces, I’m not on that team). Strange Loop is ending for well a lot of reasons but I’m planning to actually switch back to 100% time so I can work more on Clojure. Nubank has 1000+ devs using Clojure.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)21:09:51

Hope that helps allay concerns. If you want to use Clojure, please do. It will change how you think about programming.


Thank you. I’m banking on the community and culture which I have come to believe Clojure is. Through all your work, I will impact many lives, mine first and most profoundly. With your words, I can put my hands back on the plow. I’m in the 18/7 phase of this project. Again, thank you. edit: “banking” pun mostly intended