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Is it time to do a database, api, frontend version of “Hello World!“?


Researching. Got more than I could possibly deserve.


Some food for thought: • I think EQL and Pathom is a "killer app" in Clojure for building bottom-up APIs. One of the things that helped me a lot with domain modeling is to think about how one can "flatten" relationships/entities as much as possible. That way, the user of the API is free to build up custom trees during query time.

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Note: I'm not suggesting you must even expose the EQL / EDN as the primary API to the end-user/browser. I'm in favor of even modeling the domain via pathom/eql and then wrapping it in a "RESTful" http API if that's what the outside world wants. :)

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While Life will have ancillary, sub-domain facilities down the road, it’s core interface is a chatbot fronting an evolving knowledge graph. After I gnaw on;cid=C05P6UP4G2K, I’m going to ask #datomic and #ions-aws if anyone has seen such a thing.


Following Sean’s link to (from, I stumbled into tonsky: To my current understanding, this is the stuff of Stage II.


There are some even more far-out ideas: • if you search for "Reactive Datalog" or "Differential Datalog", there are lots of interesting ideas • (and related • the Rama architecture implemented/proposed by


But I would not suggest that any of this is necessary at the moment, you will go down too many rabbit holes :)


Which reminds me of another book - if you haven't heard of it -


Thank you for trusting me with all this.


Stu just nailed;t=1870. “If you can stay dumb about something and make it work, that’s a good thing.” I’m betting everything on this one quality. Everything. There’s zero chance I’m going to be good any of this.

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