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Confidentiality That’s the sound of a can of worms being opened. There may be no end to this issue. It’s massive for me and for my clients. Immeasurable really. For me Do I open source my code? For my clients How do I make sure they have a safe space in which to work? There’s lots of overlap in these questions.


For #1: I don’t have to think about it until I have something useful to share. Life is indeed a platform — and it needs a lot of exercise before it’s generally useful. For #2: At the moment, I don’t know. Attorney-Client privilege is likely as good as it gets for confidentiality. I’ve been imagining dongles for encryption/local store and and and. What I do know is that people can’t do the internal courtyard work if they spend all their time and energy walking the castle walls, peeping through the crenellations.