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Hi - I'm trying liberator and would like to know if you guys know some up-to-date project I can see to get some inspiration from. I'm migrating from a pure compojure app and made a mess using ring middlewares, so I'd like to take a look at some project doing it right using liberator. I'm looking for a newer project because the server.clj from liberator's example looks outdated (last modification was in 2013), so idk if it's still good


The examples are a little dusty but in general they're ok. Feel free to ask about particular issues.


thx! my main concern was about which middlewares are common to use, but I think I can infer that from examples


caio: depends what you need… you can probably start with site-defaults … if you’re an API maybe just wrap-params… I’d recommend starting small and adding them only when you need them.