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Hmmm... I was getting this error on both Linux and MacOS. On the Mac, I tried a troubleshooting tip of decrypting the file... and it worked! (whew!) Except, I'm not supposed to use that machine for open source work, so I need to get it working on the Linux machine. I still can't get it to work on Linux


oh wow... I just got it working on Linux. It was unexpected. I tried changing the regex in the credentials file from #"" to #"https://.*" I had wondered about this earlier, because I don't recognize repo. as a hostname, though it makes sense. I didn't pursue it because I got the Mac working, and the Mac is definitely using that regex with the URL. So how the Mac worked and Linux didn't is still confusing me. But anyway... a more permissive pattern and it came together for me.

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Just out of curiosity, does pattern #"" work? This shoulnd’t be an issue, so I’m wondering if there’s some accidental sanitization going on somewhere that should be fixed…


Leaving here in case anyone else sees it