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Hello, i've built my uberjar using leinigen uberjar. I want to run it with lein run, which works, but my system needs about 30 environment variables to start up. Is there a way to add an .env file to lein run?

Linus Ericsson12:03:09

Then you can create a config file which has tags for env-vars etc, and defaults etc.

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I'll have a look! Thank you


FWIW, .env is not a standard file, it’s originally nodejs specific which has sort of spread elsewhere and is supported very randomly if at all. A huge +1 for aero from me as well.


Ah i didnt know that 🙂 Aero seems to solve my issues also!


a primary benefit of making an uberjar is not needing lein at runtime - why exactly would you use lein run instead of using java to run the uberjar?


(maybe I'm misunderstanding)