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Hi there. Something peculiar here.


"lein check" tells me there are some syntax errors, but "lein compile" does not and just compiles. (There is no feedback, the prompt just returns.) Note, it's a cljc file not clj.


this may or may not be relevant, but lein check loads every file under the source root, while lein compile only loads things recursively from some top level file

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Thanks @U051SS2EU Meanwhile the problem has resolved (as an issue in front of the screen as usual 😉 ) Regarding check and compile, I saw that compile sometimes doesn't catch faulty code (as severe as syntax errors - no joke). Obviously when it's not directly bundled (called) to the top level code you mentioned. shrugs


Hi folks! How do you build lein projects (an uberjar) in Github Actions? (With caching of dependencies and such) 🙏