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You can lein install it into your local maven repo. Or you can use "checkouts":


@st3fan if you use lein install to put a snapshot version of the lib into your maven cache, you can edit the library code and then load the file / form in your REPL


most editor integrations make this trivial, but even with a naked REPL load-file is all you need


so the workflow becomes: 1. lein install to put the current snapshot state of project a into the cache 2. lein repl to run project b using that lib 3. load-file or your editor integrations to the project b repl, to load redefinitions from project a on the fly


> Sometimes it is necessary to develop two or more projects in parallel


Thanks both! I missed that documentation about Checkout Dependencies ... looks like what I need!


I find the added complexity / brittleness of checkouts to be worse than the default of not using them, but cheers, whatever works


to be clear, those steps are how I develop two or more projects in parallel (I should have specified which project I did each step in...) (edited above to clafiry)


I'll find out - otherwise I will go the load-file route


I can't tell you the exact way to do it without knowing your editor, but usually you don't use load-file directly, you just press some key in your editor with the file open


Yeah now that I think of this - that totally makes sense