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Lennart Buit22:10:31

Just a question out of curiosity. I have a ~/.lein/profiles.clj with a setup for REBL (using ). Now, if I start a lein repl in a folder that does not have a project.clj, and I try to open REBL, it segfaults, but if that folder had a project.clj I can open REBL just fine. Does lein boot this repl differently in both situations?

Lennart Buit22:10:14

Mostly just wondering, the engineer in me wants to know what makes this difference ^^.


could it be that the segfault happens in something rebl tries to do?


looking at the middleware code that seems unlikely actually

Lennart Buit22:10:14

Yeah it super strange to me that it doesn’t segfault if there is a project, so I’m assuming it has to do with how this repl is booted in both cases?

Lennart Buit22:10:18

I don’t know, I would find it strange if it had something to do with REBL or the middleware, if that makes any sense. I would have expected it to never work then…