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Hey I am having a weird leiningen issue. I actually never had any issues with leiningen before, but now I was trying to start coding again with a laptop that I had not used in a while. I updated everything and suddenly stopped working completely. I have tried reinstalling it with brew as well as running just the leiningen script from their website, but nothing seems to work. I tried to google the issue, but no one seems to be having the same issue. The same error comes up with every leiningen command I try to run. Even just plain lein. The machine is old macbook pro from 2015 with catalina.


does not say much to me, but guess some of you guys might be smarter than me


its looking for the old nrepl. what version of CIDER are you using? Most likely just update and it will then look for nrepl.nrepl rather than


wanna advice me where to find CIDER? I don’t remember touching it at least in 5 years


I don’t think this machine even has emacs


Ok I solved it (if anyone cares). I had some thousand years old .lein/ folder, which I of course did not remember even existing. Apparently stuff there was no compatible with modern leiningen. In other words deleting the folder fixed everything


Yup. Those are almost always a pain point