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hi, I am using codebuild in AWS to build my app using Lein but for some of the dependencies I am getting connection resets on the pull from clojars. I have found some Maven issues that seem remarkably similar, their diagnosis was flaky container networking -- just wondering whether any one has seen this issue and whether there is simple fix to get it to do a few more retries


update: if I add a lein deps into my build script prior to the lein cljsbuild once I get this error in the deps call and it gets a second crack at clojars in the lein cljsbuild step and works ... huzzar! is there some way to work out what is happening here? or to make lein a bit more tolerant of the networking issues whatever they are?


I've had the same problem building my app in Travis. I ended up doing travis_retry lein deps, which makes Travis retry the command up to 5 times if it returns an error. I would also like to know if there's a way to make lein more lenient here!


Hmm I haven’t heard of this one before

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Wonder if it’s been an issue reported in lein before - but sounds like it may just be related to the underlying aether lib used, or the “clj wrapping” layer pomegranate that lein uses


don’t see anything, but would think it’d relate to