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I thought that lein with-profile base ... would be basically the same thing as removing my ~/.lein/profiles.clj but it doesn't seem to be the case: Anyone knows why and/or a way how to do it without removing the profiles.clj file?


@jumar what about if you do with-profile -user ... I’m curious.


@U0LK1552A It aws basically the same thing - failed as with with-profile base However, now I'm cleared my profile.clj it works! It was too many things that I commented out, so not really sure which dependency or plugin could cause that.


might have been JDK 9+ incompatibility of some of those deps/plugins too

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Not sure I understand how :managed-dependencies is useful as described here: AFAICT if you specify [org.flatland/ordered "1.5.7"] in :dependencies of you project.clj, it should override versions used in any other dependency transitively, no? So what’s the advantage of using :managed-dependencies?