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Hello, I am seeing

[WARNING] No nREPL middleware descriptor in metadata of #', see nrepl.middleware/set-descriptor!
shortly followed by
ERROR: Unhandled REPL handler exception processing message {:id 432c9e56-70c3-4890-bd76-4ecd77472f8a, :op clone}
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No implementation of method: :send of protocol: #'nrepl.transport/Transport found for class:$wrap_renderer$reify__23919
when doing lein repl on a project using version 2.9.1 of leiningen. Has anyone run into this? Version of Clojure is 1.10.0. (edited)


Happens on 2.8.3 as well. Rolled back to leiningen version 2.8.1 and things work just fine. Any chance someone else bumped into this?


@sgerguri do you have an old cider-nrepl middleware dependency


Either from your project.clj or lein ~/profiles.clj


@mikerod I ran lein ancient on the project and it's not reporting anything outdated. This also happens outside of a project - when I do lein repl from within my home directory I hit the same issue.


Here's the contents of my ~/.lein/profiles.clj:

{:user {:plugins [[com.jakemccrary/lein-test-refresh "0.23.0"]
                  [jonase/eastwood "0.3.5"]
                  [lein-ancient "0.6.15"]
                  [lein-bikeshed "0.5.1"]
                  [lein-cljfmt "0.6.4"]
                  [lein-kibit "0.1.6"]
                  [venantius/ultra "0.5.4"]]}
        :aliases {"omni" ["do" ["clean"] ["with-profile" "production" "deps" ":tree"] ["ancient"] ["kibit"] ["bikeshed"]]}
 :repl [nrepl "0.3.1"]}


Maybe look at your lein deps :tree just to see if it reveals something.


@sgerguri I suspect ultra 0.5.4 could be be reason. Lein went through a major nREPL upgrade post 2.8.1 . Try 0.6.0 of it


that should have the fixes


That does not tell me anything when run outside of a project folder. This issue happens outside of any project as well. @rahul080327 Thanks, will try bumping that.


venantius/ultra was the culprit. Thanks for the suggestion, bumping to 0.6.0 fixed the problem. 🙇

🎉 4

@sgerguri this is what I was getting at


you may be write that lein deps :tree wouldn’t capture those dependencies, but I think it would in the :dev profile for a repl


outside of a project, your ~/lein/profiles.clj still loads and I think it’ll show that EDIT: I do see that lein deps :tree doesn’t work outside a project still though, so would have to use it from within on to see these things. Also, :plugins are going to be different still. I don’t know of a fast way to look at those I guess, other then temporarily make them real :dependencies in a project just to check their tree out.


It is good @rahul080327 knew the specific dep though.