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@chase-lambert Is there some documentation that leads you to believe that the contents of /.lein/profiles.clj has an effect on the contents of project.clj file in new projects created by Leiningen? I've never observed such behavior before. The contents of /.lein/profiles.clj are read by leiningen for I believe every lein command you run, and can often affect its behavior.


oh. Lol! No, that appears to just be a complete newb misunderstanding on my part. I just want to use clojure 1.10 so I can get the new and improved error messages while I learn. So I started seeing if I could set that as a lein default but must have confused myself. Thanks for the clarifications!


There is a way to create your own custom Leiningen templates -- basically a directory structure of files and their contents -- for new projects, but I have never created one of those before. When a new version of Clojure comes out that is not the default for lein new <project-name> I usually just hand-edit the project.clj file created as one of the first steps of using it.


@chase-lambert keep in mind, if you have ~/.lein/profiles.clj with clj 1.10 dep declared, but your individual lein projects have a different clj version declared, the explicit project-level dep version I believe is the one chosen


but now that I say that, I can’t actually remember lein explicitly mentioning how this case is handled