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Rather than an error all I see is that the code does not run through the same path. with "lein run" it does what I expect, with "java -jar uberjar" it stops processing even though it seems to be returning the correct data up to that point. The part where the code stops running is when I use map to run over a set of data, if I run the function with just the first entry it works. Just very strange. All I can think it that something in the environment is different between the two but I am not sure where to look. I get the same effect when using "leinbin-plus" but that seems to use the uberjar.


Hello everyone, we use an internal maven repository (artifactory) and its defined in ~/.lein/profiles.clj with the name "internal" within the :user profile. So, my project can receive the necessary dependencies and compiles fine. But when I want to make an uberjar, it only searches on clojars and central for dependencies. I also tried to change the profile name to :system. Anyone know how I have to set my profiles so it will work?


@burke not all profiles are active in all types of tasks. You can use with-profile to explicitly list active profiles during a task. You can find docs for this in the Leiningen docs.


@mikerod thanks, now it works. 👍

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