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I have something really weird going on with lein: when I run lein figwheel, compile seems to work fine, it loads up to

Prompt will show when Figwheel connects to your application
[Rebel readline] Type :repl/help for online help info
but when I run localhost:3449' in the browser, it doesn't connect and it load an old version of the app - changes in cljs files are not loaded. I have been lein clean`, rm -r target and restarting pc already a few times.


figwheel seems to compile old sources, not new ones. I have no idea why or where lein takes these sources from


How can I find out what's wrong (why lein is taking old sources over and over again)


@kurt-o-sys I have resolved that kind of situation by clearing the browser cache, although I am unsure of the underlying cause (unless it's just too many browser tabs)


did that also, will tray again 😛


when lein isn't running, I get an error in the browser (as expected). well, I'll try again 😛


hey guys, does lein offer a way to execute code inside the project.clj? i’m really just trying to use it to read env variables defined in an upstream process


@lwhorton you can use the ~ inside of the defproject

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and you can also evaluate things at the top of the project.clj before the defproject


I’ve also seen people use read-eval literals in defproject It works and I do not know that I see a major difference between that and ~. However, there is a comment I’ve found in Leiningen core functions under defproject that says the next major version, 3, of lein will drop support for ~ in favor of using Clojure’s read-eval syntax instead



(defproject mine/proj #=(find-my-version) 


The ~ (unquote) style can be seen in the sample project It is used in several places in this