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so something with plugins might be contributing here


yeah, but it's not just one plugin. The only one that doesn't seem to cause an issue is lein-pprint. Before it was hanging, it was throwing an exception in a plugin (lein-parent, which I use to import managed dependencies project wide).


Oooh.. finally let one run long enough to time out what it ws trying to do. Was trying to download a dependency. (Clojure 1.5.1, in this case) This may be an issue with our in-house repos...


oh - so maybe it’s trying to use https with your repo and acting weird?


well, I had to change it to https, because that error suddenly started coming up. Maybe they don't support it. Devops team is at reinvent this week, of course.


Yeah, if I comment out the mirrors and repositories in my project.clj it seems to work. Well, lein version does, still testing...


now it's back to crashing in lein-parent, but it's in a function named resolve_project_from_coords, so it's still related to fetching dependencies


lein-parent is also suddenly conflicting on library versions all over the place. Not sure why that is all of a sudden. Adding exclusions fixes that. Removing the exclusions doesn't solve the problem, just prints version warnings before throwing an exception. sigh Can't quite see how that could be related to issues with our local repo.


Still, fix the problem you know about and go from there. Confirmed that the repos are not accessible with https, so I'll beat up devops about that and see what happens after they fix it. Thanks for your help!