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If I write a plugin using eval-in-project can I expect the dependencies from the project the plugin is being called in to be in place when calling via lein? the way I have seen this done before is this plugin w/ datomic where you include the plugin in both the dependencies and plugin sections of either a profile or the project.clj. I am doing almost the exact same thing with datomic as far as how it is expected to be pulled in via the project.clj of the project from which it is being called, but datomic seems to always not be found.


this has me stumped, the plugin I am working on is structurally exactly the same as the above mentioned as far as how datomic is included, yet the above works while mine fails to find datomic from the same project.


the only reason I do not include it directly as a dependency in the plugin is to avoid datomic version related issues.


any help would be greatly appreciated