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does anyone know if a projects dependencies should be included on the classpath when calling eval-in-project from a plugin?


(Crossposting a strange problem from #clojurescript) I got the error Could not find artifact cljsjs:firebase:jar:3.2.1-0 in central () This is in a new project, where I added a dependency on [degree9/firebase-cljs "1.3.0"] in my project.clj. firebase-cljs, in turn, has a dependency on [cljsjs/firebase "3.2.1-0"]. (if relevant, it uses boot, while my project uses lein) The cljsjs dependency was properly installed into my ~/,m2, but then I got the error above. I worked around the problem by adding an explicit dependeny on the cljsjs project from my project. So, I'm not stuck for now. But, very puzzled about what went wrong here. This is my project; just a few lines away from a fresh re-frame template: