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I want to be able to add deps to a clojure project like one can in node with 'npm install --save'... so far, the only thing I've found is lein plz ( )... is that the best resource to use?


and, if so, where can I add a lein plugin so it's available in all new projects (as far as I can tell I'd have to add it to each new project.clj)?


You can create the file ~/.lein/profiles.clj and add plugins to your :user profile there.


I haven’t tried lein-plz or heard of anything else that does that kind of thing so I recommend giving it a shot


man, I hope lein plz works... this need-dep->clojars->copy->paste-into-project.clj is a lot of work.


@noonian thanks for the help!


No problem!


@macrobartfast I use spacemacs and often leverage cljr-add-project-dependency to quickly add dependency to project.clj and hot-load it (If repl is running) at the same time. this is really great and quick way.


I’m trying to get the list of JVM opts computed by lein (a bit like lein classpath but for opts), is there something simpler than the snippet below?

lein update-in : assoc :eval-in :leiningen -- run -m clojure.main -e "(apply println (@#'leiningen.core.eval/get-jvm-args (leiningen.core.project/read)))"


In today’s clojure 1.9-alpha16 release, I am seeing an exception when loading clojure.spec as an injection in my leiningen profile. It did work in alpha15.

Exception in thread "main" Could not locate clojure/spec__init.class or clojure/spec.clj on classpath., compiling:(/private/var/folders/k2/__8r58f5187f92xw3pm0r4c80000gp/T/form-init2055821512506886799.clj:1:125)
thought I would start asking here first rather than the general list


@waffletower it might be related to the clojure spec namespace change (clojure.spec.alpha) - check!msg/clojure/nB4qnDNGS2A/epdsXz6DAQAJ