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I've been playing with Elm recently -- not because I'm unhappy with ClojureScript, but because learning something new is always fun and healthy. The language by itself is really nice, but I find the node.js based tools for buidling and live reload annoying to work with; especially when mixing a Clojure backend with an Elm frontend. Which brings me to my question: Would Elm compilation be a suitable task for a Leiningen plugin? Conceptually, it seems similar to what plugins like lein-less do. What I have in mind is a plugin that enables you to do something like lein elm watch and have all Elm files in the project get automatically recompiled on change, with the resulting JavaScript files copied to resources/public/js and reloaded by Figwheel. Does this sound like it ought to be possible? I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question. I've never tried to write a Leiningen plugin before; they are pure magic to me.


Alternatively: Is this sort of thing better done with Boot?


@harold did you get it sorted out? First step would be to move ~/.lein/profiles.clj somewhere else on both systems to make sure that you both have the same setup, and also check the version of lein you're both using is recent. If you paste the error here I can take a look and see if I can help? Because Leiningen is packaged as an uberjar, it's conceivable that a plugin dependency could conflict with it, although I wouldn't expect that to happen from a lein deps.