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rymndhng: nothing is obvious about lein. That said, you’re missing a comma


@rymndhng Basically, “lein clean, uberjar” runs the two tasks in sequence. lein clean uberjar would (probably) treat uberjar as some argument to the clean task. Likewise in aliases: [“clean-build” [“do “test,” “uberjar”]]


That said - anyone know how to make lein-doo pick up unit tests automatically in the same manner that boot-cljs-test (also using doo) does ? Basically, with lein, I have to make a test-runner file and at least require the test-file to have the tests picked up.


I have a dependency for a project I'm working on that uses Ivy version syntax for its dependencies (eg: 4.+) and lein can't resolve these. Anyone face this before? Do I need to explicitly declare these transitive deps in my project.clj, or is there some other way?