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hi, i am trying to get slamhound to work


but getting a Could not locate slam/hound__init.class or slam/hound.clj on classpath


nm resolved


Before I go creating issues on github, I was hoping someone here might be able to rule out human error. When I run "lein uberjar" on the linked project.clj I can see that the source-paths are loaded twice which I would not expect:

Compiling ClojureScript...
Compiling "target/cljsbuild/public/js/app.js" from ("src/cljs" "src/cljc" "env/prod/cljs" "env/prod/cljs")...
Since I have an externs file, Google Closure throws an error:
Compiling "target/cljsbuild/public/js/app.js" from ("src/cljs" "src/cljc" "env/prod/cljs" "env/prod/cljs")...
Jan 20, 2016 2:38:35 PM println
SEVERE: ERROR - Duplicate extern input: /home/josh/tmp/myproj/externs/testexterns.js

Jan 20, 2016 2:38:35 PM printSummary
WARNING: 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)
ERROR: JSC_DUPLICATE_EXTERN_INPUT. Duplicate extern input: /home/josh/tmp/myproj/externs/testexterns.js at (unknown source) line (unknown line) : (unknown column)
The uberjar then finishes building but with an unusable ClojureScript bundle. Can anyone explain why the sources are pulled in twice? Any help would be appreciated!


This only happens when running the uberjar profile. Cljsbuild runs fine as its own task (the sources are only pulled in once).