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Hi all! I'm new to clojurescript and figwheel. I think this might be a basic question, but I've had some trouble finding any documentation. I've got an application that contains a single page app (using reagent) and a webworker. When figwheel starts it compiles the app, but not the worker. I can manually compile the worker, but then figwheel isn't serving the javascript from the worker. Is there anyway to force figwheel to auto-compile to build targets and serve both of their javascript?


lein figwheel app worker


hah, that's easy


I'm still only seeing my app target being served. I'm getting the following error from my console:

NetworkError: Failed to load worker script at "js/worker/goog/base.js"


but both the worker and app are being built now 🙂


I figured it out, my fig http server directory was set incorrectly, on to new errors. Thanks!


I've just installed lein-figwheel and added :figwheel true to my cljsbuild build, but seems my app doesn't try to open the ws connection. What am I missing?


^ missing figwheel.preload apparently, solved 🙂