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@bhauman (using figwheel-sidecar) I've recently gotten hung up on some bugs that caused warnings in one of my namespaces. If I run a (reset-autobuild) I see the warnings. If I call (build-once) the warnings don't show up in either REPL or console. Is this expected? When these warnings are thrown, I get 'Cannot read property 'call' of undefined errors' from the offending namespace.


@jrbrodie77 so yes this is expected behavior, a complete build will compile everything and thus pick up any warning that may exist in the code. But you can get a warning, and miss it, and then move to work another file and everything will seem like its fine.


you like get the "Cannot read property" error either because the code with warnings is not being loaded, bc figwheel doesn't load code when it has warnings. Or it is being thrown because the you are refering to a function that doesn't exist in your code.