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@jeaye this probably happens inside the websocket client server implementation, messages are queued up because it is an open "connection" active or not


@bhauman Ah, so this is likely more a re-natal issue than lein-figwheel, if I understand correctly?


in a way its an issue of the underlying transport layer


the websocket server is going to queue the messages until they are recieved


which is good behavior, even in this case because it ensures that all the files that you have edited are reloaded in the order that you edited them


the best solution here is really to prevent the device from sleeping via settings, unless of course you are working on a feature that depends on sleeping, etc.


Oh, I see.


Well, it's good to know; thanks for the info, @bhauman. I'd like these devices to sleep most of the time, so managing that setting is more likely going to cause some annoyance, so I think I'll continue as I have been.


Thinking about it at a high level, it seems like it'd be feasible to read all available commands from the socket and dedupe them, so double, triple, etc reloads don't happen. I know almost nothing about the implementation details of figwheel though.