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@shaun-mahood my main problem, I guess is that I've inherited the project (and it's lived for a while) so it's not just a matter of lein newing it. Also, previously, having started out with a template, and then had the need to upgrade some pieces, things went haywire.


@slipset: oh yeah, I wasn't actually suggesting it as a solution, more that it's the only way I can be sure I can get things to work right. I've inherited my own projects where I've done that to myself :) I find it particularly difficult when I've tried to start with a template, and when I require both clj and cljs - that's where I always cause myself problems.


@eggsyntax not an error, a helper!!


it indicates that you have two clients attached, normally indicates a hidden browser window


Aaaaaaahhhh, I was imagining another REPL running; the idea of it being another browser window never even occurred to me. Thanks, Bruce!


Might be worth considering a slightly more explicit message.