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Anyone here particularly adept at figwheel? Built a Reagent app from the default Reagent lein template and deployed to heroku ( but even in prod there’s a brief “ClojureScript has not been compiled! please run lein figwheel” which displays and then disappears after compile. We don’t use :requires outside of a namespace declaration (as per one post on SO) and I think our :builds :externs are all correct. Any ideas or pointers in troubleshooting? Our project.clj is here


@eugekev That’s in the index.html file in resources/public


It appears when the browser downloads the HTML, and displays until the browser’s mounted the app to the DOM.


You can replace it with a nicer message or something that includes <noscript> tags for further accessibility


@talexxx: ah maybe I'm misunderstanding things. I've seen the location of that but I'd thought this message was part of the figwheel toolchain that was still being triggered in production because something wasn't setup correctly or fully compiled yet. And that a user's first load triggered the compile and it's then cached in their browser. I can certainly hide the message if it doesn't mean something is setup incorrectly.