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That’s weird, the file is definitely in :source-paths


The file the macro is reading is in resources, though


Is it a good idea to duplicate resource paths in source-paths?


@talexxx: figwheel isn't smart enough to know to recompile a macro when data that that macro read changes


@bhauman Is there a way to auto-expand the code part of the heads up display? I find that I always have to hover to see the code where something actually went wrong


anyone aware of a possible cause of figwheel slowing down. Im using emacs and now when I save my cljs files, a spinner shows up for a minute. This happened to my colleague recently, to my surprise now me too. Not sure if new emacs version or new figwheel is the cause here. Using sidercar-api btw.


ok, in my case Im not sure if figwheel is to blame, running it on seperate terminal causes emacs still to be slow to save the file and sometimes ever crash. So I leave my question as unvalid for now.


@curlyfry I don't understand the behavior that you are talking about. If I am understanding you. The code context pointer part of the heads up display should always be visible. If it's not visible then you may have a bad CSS interaction. If I'm not understanding you perhaps a Screenshot would help?


@bhauman It was definitely a bad css interaction, kind of embarrassing... Thanks! 🙂