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Im using kioo.. Is it possible to get figwheel somehow to reload view.cljs when layout.html changes? (inside view.cljs there is a macro call that compiles the resource layout.html to hiccup)


so I’m just getting into cljs and figwheel - it seems like for the most part, especially doing a reagent app with a single state atom, I don’t need to actually use nrepl/the cljs repl and it gets sorted out really nicely on save.


is this a reasonable assumption? i like just being able to save instead of gnarl my hands sending over an expression, and I haven’t needed it yet!


Not really sure if I understand your question correctly, but my workflow is just saving the file, yes. 😄


yeah exactly. 🙂


I got myself all turned around last night turning on nrepl, figuring out how to hook it all up…and then wondering what to do next. 😉


but then realized I probably didn’t need it.