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Any pointers to documentation on how to configure the logging?


@bhauman: Any interest in a PR for the devcards and figwheel templates adding a +cursive profile that sets up the config from ?


Sounds good. I am not familiar with cursive figwheel best practice, so if your are familiar it I'm open.


Ok, I'll give it a shot. Not sure whether there are better options than what's on the wiki, but I've got projects working using those instructions and have been very happy with how well they work.


@bhauman: Unrelated, but cool, I've nearly got figwheel working fully to replace a rather painful dev experience to program AutoCAD. They've got a .NET API, their own implementation of LISP (AutoLISP), a C++ API, and a JS API that can all communicate together. Last time I worked on our customizations for it, the workflow was Change code -> Start debugger -> Program starts up -> Manually load .dll -> run command and see changes -> close program -> change code They've got C# edit and continue working now, but it's somewhat limited and depending on the changes needed you still need to close and reopen the program pretty frequently. Figwheel workflow -> Open program, load figwheel, and work. I don't have everything figured out quite yet, but the improvement in productivity and enjoyment is much more significant than it is for website development.


Oh yeah, it's great. Planning to do some sort of write-up or video on the differences once I've worked with it for a while.