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So spec is released for clojurescript but not clojure?


@kauko: it’s not ‘released’ for either, it’s in alpha in both


but as CLJS doesn’t really do alphas like Clojure does, you could say spec is released for CLJS


@fenton: just add [org.clojure/clojurescript "1.9.36"] to your :dependencies and figwheel will work


@shaun-mahood: I hear ya, the situations are a bit different. I'm hoping to create an explain facility that will explain your configuration and include warnings. But I'm waiting for things around spec to settle before I do anymore config/errors work.


@bhauman: Cool, that sounds like a good plan - seems a little crazy how much has happened in the error message/usability space in Clojure in the last few months. I have little to no idea of how it all works but I'm sure enjoying reading all the good ideas 🙂


@bhauman: thanks. i must be having an issue with the cider side of things...i'll go ask those guys. Sorry to bug! 🙂