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Hey there! Anyone got figwheel working with Cordova based hybrid web apps? Preferably both for copying files from resources/www to resources/platforms/**/www and live-reload. But a toolset consisting of figwhell plus some combination of leiningen :notify-command and shell script would also work - It just seems that the rebuilt files from figwheel isn’t detected properly in my setup (OSX).


(also tried cordova serve together with a multitude of copying over files manually, but cordova serve seem to have the same annoying tendency to fail see the updated files)


@luposlip: this is just a guess, but you may have success if you set :asset-path to an absolute url that points to your the figwheel server. Also make sure that your compiled assets are in a sub-directory of resources/public


thanks for the input, I’ll look at the :asset-path @bhauman!