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I see, thanks!


would alembic work? I think I’ve only tried it with Clojure backend projects and it does wonders there.


Is there a way I can tell if a reagent component update (or re-mount) is caused by a figwheel reload?


@pez put a logging statement in your reload?


@danielcompton: I was unclear. I mean if there's a way for my component to know.


not AFAIK, although if you need to make that distinction it suggests something might not be quite right in the reloading code


But I don’t know the context, so I might be wrong.


I'm not ruling that out. The context is that my app relies on HTML5 pushstate (via Accountant) and I seem to need to handle scrolling to the top of each new page myself. I've got it somewhat working, but it has the side effect of my pages scrolling to the top when I make changes to the page in development. I was thinking I could close that side effect if only I could tell if it was a code reload triggering the update of my page component.