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That heads up display … I have never seen it. I see it in the inspector, but can’t figure out how to make it display...


Is there a way to have lein figwheel run other leiningen plugins as well, for example lein less auto, or is the recommended way of development to just have multiple leiningen tasks running at once?


For others: It looks like there's no way to write directly to that errors/warnings pane that appears, but if you throw an exception in a macro, it does appear there as an error.


@surreal.analysis: Actually, I believe the recommended way to run figwheel is to avoid the leiningen plugin altogether and write a script which builds a system by composing the Figwheel system with anything else you'll need for development:


That gives you a single JVM running everything you need


Thanks @peeja, I’ll check it out


(You can also run a system like that from an nREPL if you prefer)


Has anyone run into trouble by setting :recompile-dependents to false? It concerns me a bit (although I know it used to be the forced on and I don't think it cause me any trouble). I wonder: would it be valuable when using Figwheel to compile without dependents first, load that immediately, and then compile dependents?


I have no idea how that would be sensibly implemented, but just dreaming for the moment, it seems like that could give us immediate feedback and catch the breakages that would go unnoticed without :recompile-dependents.