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stupid question, but couldn't find any good info on it via docs/google, so before I dive into the source of lein-figwheel more, does anyone have a best practice/good way of merging lein profiles when launching figwheel via the repl (start-figwheel!) ? The reason I ask is I'm using Cursive and per the instructions, it notes that lein profiles aren't merged. As my projects start to grow, this is a big problem and I don't want to manually create a figwheel.edn or hard-code a map where I launch figwheel. Rather, I prefer to just use lein profile merging and not worry about keeping things sync'd in 2 places. Anyone have advice/good solution here? I'm sure there is a simple solution, but I'm no expert with leiningen.core and figured I'd ask first if this is already solved easily. FYI, simply doing (start-figwheel!) obviously just picks up on my :cljsbuild key, but not my dev profile for example, so I'd like to merge dev, or ideally point it as a specific profile at runtime. Lein figwheel on the other hand seems to just work and obviously I can point it at a specific profile and it will merge just fine. So in other words, how can I make (start-figwheel!) merge my configurations like lein-figwheel does without writing too much extra code?


@hugesandwich: Yeh you would have to use leiningen.core to do this. But you probably really don't need to be merging your cljsbuild and figwheel stuff. Also I don't want to require leiningen into a "running" system. But if you really want that functionality ....